Go to the Source

Go to the Sourse
Go to the Sourse

In my everyday life I’m baffled at the amount of time that constantly wasted when people go around and around in circles instead of heading straight for the source. It’s been said that the shortest way between two points is a straight line. Indeed. However, this doesn’t seem to register with most people. Everyday I’m constantly asked questions that don’t pertain to me but need rather be directed at another person. Questions such as…

Where is this or that person?

When is this or that person coming back?

Do you know if this or that person did or said this or that?

Although I may be related to the person in question and therefore considered to be (a) a mind reader and/or (b) physically connected to that person’s entire being by some magical thread, I must in probably 90% of these cases reciprocate with an answer in the negative.

For really, in most cases how am I to know exactly where a person is, when a person is coming back, what a person did or said to another person, etc.? And in my mind I always wonder, in somewhat slight amazement, why the person asking these questions (to me) wouldn’t in fact just ask the person which he/she really desires to know something about?

Asking someone else other than the true person to whom these questions should in fact be directed, seems an utter and insignificant waste of time and energy. Not to mention the nuisance caused to me by interrupting my time and energy simply to pose upon me a (in my view) completely misplaced question that has nothing whatsoever to do with me.

In these times when time is always of the essence and time is precious, why on earth some people would so frivolously and carelessly waste time by not going directly and only to the source…well, that’s something which I fear will never cease to amaze or happen to me.

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