Our HOME (the Planet) and the Sickness that Is Homo Sapiens


I love watching documentaries. Last night I watched one of the best, yet most scary documentaries I’ve come across in a long time. It’s called HOME and it’s the story of our planet Earth and the humans that inhabit it – for better or worse. For worse – it’s the story of how we humans are destroying the planet in our race for more and more; food, cars, homes, products, money, etc.

Apart from being one of the most spectacular documentaries as far as cinematography goes (you’ll really get an astonishing idea of just how beautiful Earth is in many places that remain largely untouched or unaltered by the human hand), HOME carries a message grounded in powerful facts that has the ability of chilling you (the viewer) right to the bone. It certainly did that to me, as the images and facts sultry narrated by Glenn Close left me with a feeling that this is by far the most beautifully devastating thing I’ve ever watched.

I’ll have to come back to this again, since there are too many important topics to touch upon (too many for one blog post). For now, I’ll briefly mention the topic of water.

Imagine a world where …

The engine of life is linkage. Everything is linked. Nothing is self sufficient.

Humans, animals and nature are all linked together and must live in equilibrium in order to survive, which proves difficult when one of these links is constantly destroying the linkage.

Then, imagine a world where …

Before the end of this century, excessive mining will have exhausted nearly all the planet’s reserves.

The reality is that this IS our world. Today. Right now.

It dawned on me that we’re running out of everything. Our pantry is quickly emptying and the supermarket’s closed. The most crucial element may be water…if there’s no water, there’s no life.

The earth’s water cycle is a process of constant renewal. Water falls, water vapor, clouds, rain, springs, rivers, seas, oceans, glaciers…the cycle is never broken. There’s always the same quantity of water on Earth. All the successive species have drunk the same water.

If that’s so, then why are we running out of water? Or is it just that we’re creating so much pollution that the water ressources available are becoming too toxic for consumption by any living creature? I’m not sure I fully understand, but the information that water is becoming scarce seems rather catastrophic in my mind.

Rivers no longer run to the ocean, women in India have to dig wells with their bare hands in search for water in the dry season, people in Africa have to walk for miles and miles in search of water, animals die during their searching for water … while in places such as Las Vegas or Palm Springs bright, lush, green golf courses are a sight for sore eyes in the midst of the desert plains – so bright they almost hurt your eyes just looking at them. How many millions of gallons of water does it take to keep a golf course lush and green in a desert while people and animals are dying of thirst elsewhere?

… in Vegas 800 – 1000 liters of water are consumed per person per day.

So, what do we do?

What do we do about the fact that…

5000 people a day die because of dirty drinking water. One billion people have no access to safe drinking water.

You tell me.

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