The Poop Deck

The Poop Deck, Nassau Bahamas

The street view of the restaurant doesn’t look like much, but as soon as you come inside it’s really nice. Seems like it’s the place to go and that anyone, who’s someone and visits Nassau has been there!

Lunch at The Poop Deck

The restaurant is very charming and has a large patio overlooking the marina, the bridge and Atlantis hotels. The service was super friendly and spot-on. The waitress brought us (tap/regular) water and warm bread with butter while we looked at the menu.

My husband (Anders) ordered a creamy linguine pasta with chicken and I went with the Out Island Shrimp with a side of peas n’ rice and plantains. Mine was delicious, but Anders had to send his pasta back to the kitchen, because the chicken was raw inside (oops).

It was a nice place to sit and have lunch. We saw a couple of people sailing up to the pier just below the restaurant in their dingy…they must have come from some of the mega yachts over that the Atlantis Marina. The other people having lunch at The Poop Deck looked like businessmen – all dressed in suits and ties.

Lunch at The Poop Deck

Take a look at the wall decor before you leave! The walls were covered with photographs, and we discovered that it was actually quite the celebrity hot spot. There were signed photographs of A LOT of celebs!

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