What I Love About Wynwood Walls


Miami is an explosion of cultures, creativity and curiosity. There’s so much to explore that you’ll feel like your senses are constantly overloaded with stimuli – but in a good way. When you go to Miami, you must visit the area of Wynwood, which is famous for its collective street art, known as Wynwood Walls.


I’d never heard about Wynwood before, and I’m usually not into modern, contemporary art, so I didn’t really know what to expect.

I was blown away! This area is just incredible. The whole concept of turning a neighborhood into a living, breathing piece of art is really unique and genius.

It’s impossible to go to Wynwood, look at the murals and not feel like you want to become an artist yourself and start painting, creating something or just throw a bucket of paint on a wall and see how it sticks.


What I love about Wynwood Walls is that it totally inspired me to be creative. If there was ever just one place in Miami that felt “real” and moved me throughout the week I was there, I have to say that it was Wynwood.

It’s tough to describe what inspires you to do creative things (paint, draw, write, photograph, etc.), to describe how inspiration can suddenly hit you like a ton of bricks, but walking around the safe parts of this area was definitely inspiring.


If you’re ever in Miami, you must include Wynwood on your list of places to see. We didn’t even see everything the area has to offer, which includes lots of painted walls and building facades, quotes on the sidewalks (look where you step), art galleries, etc. Definitely recommended – definitely a must see! www.thewynwoodwalls.com









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