Try This Great Place for Health Food in Miami: Dr Smood


When in Wynwood, do stop by Dr Smood, which is a health café owned and created by Rene & Patrizia Sindlev. He’s from Denmark (founder of Pandora jewelry), she’s from Italy and together they’ve created this incredible new and revolutionary concept of smart food for a good mood.

Everything is completely healthy (maybe a little too healthy?), completely delicious and unlike anything I’ve ever seen. It’s definitely a great place to try for health food in Miami!

When you dig more into it, you’ll find out that health is not just about eating a salad or drinking an organic juice. There’s a whole science behind everything that you can eat and drink at Dr Smood’s, and everything has been perfectly designed to enhance your body, mind and soul.


The interior is very Danish-Italian-Urban-Raw-Trendy to me. It was very clean, neat and with a touch of minimalism. In the back they had a large “bookshelf” with apothecary bottles…the only thing I didn’t like was a large TV screen stuck in front, which seemed out of place to me.

The staff was all young, fresh and healthy looking, and one guy kept walking around with samples of their juices, etc., which I thought was genius, because there are some pretty funky-sounding things on the menu that you’d probably never be able to figure out on your own.


Some of the ingredients that you might not have tried before include hawaj, chlorella, deer antler extract, ashwaganda, triphala, tocotrienols, mesquite, schizandra, eucommia bark, maca, Irish moss…just to name a few. I don’t know about you, but I have no idea of what any of this is, what it’s supposed to taste like or how it’s good for the body!

When you do order something, you start by choosing your mood – or what you feel like giving a boost. You can either choose IMMUNE, ENERGY, GENERAL HEALTH, BEAUTY, DETOX or SUPER POWER.

Dr Smood also offers 3 complete cleanse/detox programs (beginner, intermediate and advanced) and dietary supplements (vitamins).


This is the first Dr Smood café, but keep an eye out because they’re popping up in several places around Miami and also in other cities like New York.


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