Why You Should Visit This Small Town in Denmark


Most people, who travel to Denmark, go to Copenhagen or one of the other bigger cities like Odense (birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen), Roskilde or Aarhus. All of those cities are nice to visit and offer lots and lots of sights, museums, exciting restaurants and events to take part it. Especially Copenhagen – the capitol of Denmark.

But if you’re ever going to Denmark (or next time you go), I’d urge you to visit some of the smaller towns or maybe even some of the islands. I’d say, “forget the big cities” and come find your inner peace and explore the Danish countryside and natural wonders.

Okay, okay, maybe spend a few days in e.g. Copenhagen and THEN go visit a small town like perhaps my hometown, Korsør, which is just a quick 1-hour train ride from Copenhagen.

Here’s why I think you should visit this small town when you’re in Denmark: There’s much to see…even for a small town!


There are a few museums, a few shops, a couple of restaurants, the Great Belt Bridge (one of the longest suspension bridges in the world connecting the island of Zealand to the island of Funen), an old fortress from 1241 (or earlier), churches, the oldest cinema (still operating) and lots of nature including a large forest, lakes, nature trails and plenty of beaches. With a timeline dating as far back as 15.000 years (!), you’ll probably also find a bit of interesting history.

Vikings once roamed here, so if nothing else moves you, you might find some excitement in following the footsteps of the legendary Vikings. You could visit e.g. Trelleborg (not far from Korsoer), which is one of the most important Viking sites in Denmark – a well-preserved Viking fortress dating back to the year 900 and the time of the Viking Harald Bluetooth (Harald Blåtand).

In the heart of Korsoer, you can go even further back in time to about 4000 BC and visit an ancient burial site, located in the forest. It’s just one of the fascinating places you can explore around this small, Danish town.


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