My Favorite Beach in Denmark: Svenstrup Beach


Just outside the small town of Korsor (Korsør), located on the southwest side on the island of Zealand there is a suburb called Svenstrup. Here you’ll find lots of beautiful nature, beaches and farmland. It’s incredibly peaceful and quiet.

Why You Should Visit:

There’s not that much to do in the very, very small village of Svenstrup (population: 1930). It’s one of those places you might call a sleepy village, but the nature is spectacular. If you need to truly, deeply unwind and re-connect with yourself, find peace, relax, rejuvenate THIS IS THE PLACE TO GO.

If you’re a writer, a poet, a painter, a photographer or just love the great outdoors, I’m sure you’d find tons of inspiration in this environment.

You can go for long walks along the beach, which is often completely deserted – except for the birds. You can go for long walks and gaze across the seemingly endless fields. You can go for long walks on nature trails …and just breathe in the fresh air; live and let your thoughts wander as you do.


Svenstrup Beach:

Go for a walk on Svenstrup beach and a swim, if it’s not too cold for you. The Danish summer isn’t long or hot enough to really heat up the ocean’s temperature, so you might find the swim to be refreshingly chilly.

Svenstrup beach is a Blue Flag beach (since 2005), so if you were brave enough to actually go swimming, you’d know the conditions are very good. This is absolutely my favorite beach in Denmark.

Along one part of the beach, small summer homes or cottages sit side by side – oceanfront. The people who own these homes come here and stay for a certain amount of time during the summer.

You can see the Great Belt Bridge from the beach. It’s a magnificent sight of one of the world’s longest suspension bridges that connect the two islands of Zealand (where Korsoer and Svenstrup are located) and Funen (Denmark’s center island).


The beach seems to evolve freely in most parts. Nobody here removes the seaweed to make tourists happy. Seagulls and other birds roam one part of the beach, which has plenty of rocks and pebbles to keep your walk interesting. You might encounter a few people or a fisherman, but it’s usually quiet.

This is truly Danish nature at its best.


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