Visit Korsør City – Day 1


Korsør (Korsor) isn’t a bustling city with a million shops, restaurants, bars, museums, etc. In fact, as you walk around you might wonder, “Where is everyone?” But it’s a cozy city, the kind of place where you can really relax, connect with nature and find some cool and interesting sights along the way.

The pedestrian shopping street:

Admittedly, the shopping in Korsor isn’t what it used to be, and you won’t find a huge variety of shops here. With that being said, there are a few shops, which you might find interesting. Take a look inside Grønlund, a very curious store that sells gourmet chocolate, tea, coffee, delicatessen food, decorative items, etc. For sure you’ll find something to buy here.


The old courthouse and jail:

In the center of the shopping street, you’ll see a large white & black building. From 1850 until 1919 this used to be the courthouse and jail. Today, it houses the offices of the Danish furniture company, Sofa Kompagniet.


The church:

The shopping street leads you straight to Saint Povl’s Church, a large red brick church with a green bell tower that stands at the end of the street. If it’s open (it’s usually open Mon-Thurs between 10:00 am and 12:30 pm), take a look inside. If the church is closed, walk around it and make sure you see the tombstones lying on the ground next to it.

If you’re feeling slightly hungry or thirsty by now, stop by the new delicatessen food store and restaurant Madmarked, located just next to the church. This store only sells and makes organic food and beverages. In the summer, there are tables and benches outside.


Old cobblestone streets:

Just behind the church, you can stroll along the old part of Korsor and the charming, narrow cobblestone streets. A lot of the small houses on these streets are hundreds of years old, although you might not be able to see it as most (if not all) have been restored and renovated. Don’t miss the statue of Korsor’s famous poet and philosopher, Jens Baggesen (born 1764), which stands in a circle on Havnegade, surrounded by flowers.


The Naval base:

The cobblestone streets will eventually lead you to the regular street and the city’s naval base. Korsor is located right on the ocean, and always has been a city with a long marine history of sailors and seafarers. Obviously, you can’t actually go inside the naval base (except on special days / special occasions), but you can check out the beautiful artwork by the entrance, where ships painted on large rocks display the Danish Navy throughout 1000 years.


The miniature city:

In front of the naval base, you’ll notice a row of miniature houses. They’re fenced in, so you can only look at them from the outside, but they are nevertheless worth a visit. These are the houses along the cobblestone streets (the same you just walked along) built in the scale of 1:10 and as they looked circa 1875. The miniature city is an ongoing work in progress, so it’s an ever-changing work of art.


The Marina:

The Marina is located just next to the naval base and miniature city. It’s a growing marina, although still pretty small and the boats here aren’t as big, bold and beautiful as you might see in other marinas. In fact, they’re probably really small in comparison. From the marina, you’ll have an incredible view of the Great Belt Bridge – the perfect photo opportunity or selfie spot!


If you’re feeling hungry, there’s also a restaurant at the marina. It’s been there practically forever, although it’s changed ownership several times. I was just there this summer, and the service and food was excellent…not to mention the prices, which I found very reasonable.

To be continued…



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