Visit Korsør City – Day 2


Hopefully, you had an amazing day visiting Korsør City (day 1) and you’re ready for another day of easy and relaxed sightseeing.

Here’s what you should see on your 2nd day in Korsør:


Start the day with a bit of history and a bit of local art. Kongegaarden is definitely one of the most interesting buildings, you’ll find in Korsør. Originally built by the businessman, Rasmus Langeland, in 1761, it was used as a guesthouse for people of the royal and noble families, passing through the city on their way across the Great Belt.

Today, Kongegaarden, is a an art museum that houses a permanent collection of Harald Isenstein’s work as well as that of many other artists. Some of the artworks are privately owned, but most are actually for sale.

In the summertime, concerts are also held in the small garden behind the building – free of charge. Kongegaarden also has an apartment for a resident artist (on a scholarship).


The old toll house (bomhuset):

This is a small and incredibly curious building, dating back to around 1785. It’s been used for several purposes, not just as a toll house. Today it’s completely modernized on the inside, and used as a small artist studio and art gallery.


Korsør cinema:

The only cinema in town, which has been around forever – since 1908! It’s so old, in fact, that it’s included in the Guiness book of world records as the oldest purpose-built cinema in the world that’s still in operation today.


The park by City Hall:

You’ll most likely pass by the town’s City Hall, as you walk around Korsør. The building isn’t very interesting or beautiful to look at (it just looks like a big, red brick box), but there’s a small and quite beautiful park just next to it. In the summertime, it’s full of beautiful roses and there are also a couple of cenotaphs in memory of soldiers from the local area, who died in different wars (e.g. the war of 1864 and the more recent war in Afghanistan).


Madam Bagger Restaurant:

When it’s time for lunch and you want to treat yourself to a very nice meal, you must go to Madam Bagger. I dare say that this restaurant is the best in town! It’s not super cheap, but if you go for lunch, they do have lunch specials at a discounted price. The menu is classic Danish food with some international touches…and the food is delicious. If the weather is good, you can sit outside on the terrace and enjoy the sun.


The Harbor Grill:

Save room for desert and go to down to the harbor, just a few steps away from Madam Bagger Restaurant. There’s a curious building down by the waterfront where you can buy e.g. ice cream, hot dogs, etc. I can highly recommend a vanilla soft ice cream in a crispy cone with chocolate sprinkles on top. There are tables and chairs outside and a bench so you can enjoy your ice cream with a lovely view of the harbor. If you come back another day, you might also enjoy a Danish hotdog – they’re just the best! Make sure you get it with remoulade and crispy, fried onion!



To be continued…

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