A Great Place to Spend a Rainy Day in NYC: Chelsea Market


If you like food markets and specialty shops, you might just love a visit to Chelsea Market. This is an indoor market, open 7 days a week from 7/8 AM until 8/9 PM.

On this particular day in NYC, it’s raining so my family and I decide that Chelsea Market would be a great place to spend the rainy day.

We get there just before the stores open and start with a quick breakfast at Sarabeth’s Bakery. A few coffees, croissants and sandwiches later, we’re ready to go shopping.


Chelsea Market is a curious place and one that I think you have to visit. There are lots of really cool stores. My favorite are Chelsea Market Baskets, Spices & Tease, Eleni’s New York and (of course) Posman Books. I say “of course”, because I have this thing for bookstores and a real hard time not going into one, if and when I see one.

This bookstore doesn’t disappoint. In fact, I find that it has a lot of “unusual” and really interesting-looking books. There’s so much that I wish I could buy, but I just get one book – Bright Lights, Big City by Jay McInerney. And FYI it’s probably one of the best and most well written books that I’ve ever read!


My husband gets a crepe with Nutella from Bar Suzette (he says it’s most likely the best crepe he’s ever had!) and we all dive happily into the FREE and extremely delicious chocolate samples at Li-Lac Chocolates, which just so happens to be Manhattan’s oldest chocolate house (since 1923).

The seafood market (The Lobster Place) is also really interesting to visit – even if you’re not going to buy anything. They have such beautiful displays of fish, seafood and HUGE lobster! One of the fish vendors sees me taking photos of the fish and offers to take a picture of US. We happily oblige and he snaps a pretty good family photo of the 4 of us.


What a great and fun place to spend a rainy day in NYC!

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