A Must Place to Visit in New York City: Lower Manhattan


Take a subway ride to Lower Manhattan. Riding the subway is easy, fast and cheaper than taking a taxi. As a tourist in NYC, Lower Manhattan is one of the places you must visit – and won’t regret.

Get off at the South Ferry station and start walking up Whitehall Street towards Wall Street.

You’ll pass by the famous Charging Bull statue, where Whitehall Street meets Broadway, but you might have to fight a hoard of tourists trying to get your picture taken!

On some days, you might find a lively street market on Broadway that continues all the way to Trinity Church, if not further (that’s at least as far as we went). There are lots of different food stands selling all types of “ethnic” foods and the whole place smells incredible. Apart from food, you can buy all kinds of stuff – clothes, jewelry, scarfs, souvenirs, posters, etc.


And then there’s this place that sells US$ 4 Cronuts, which I absolutely have to try (it’s my first time). The price is kind of steep for a small pastry (fried dough) that isn’t even good for you…but just this once. It’s pretty good, but I don’t think I would buy one again.

When you reach Trinity Church, go inside.  It’s truly a sanctuary in the middle of the busy city.

Back on Broadway, go back a little and head down Wall Street. It’s just one of those places you have to visit when you’re in Manhattan. I like the atmosphere down there. Walking in the small streets with the tall buildings all around, seeing all the “suits” – there’s just something unique about this place. This part of New York sounds different, feels different than any other part of the city.


Take a look inside Federal Hall, if you have the energy to climb the incredibly steep staircase in front of the building where a statue of George Washington stands tall and proud, looking towards the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). Federal Hall is one of the most significant buildings in US history. This is where George Washington took the oath and became America’s 1st President on April 30th, 1789. Inside the building is an exhibit which includes the stone from the building’s balcony where Washington stood, inscribed with the words:

Standing on this stone
in the balcony of Federal Hall

April 30, 1789
George Washington
took the oath
as the first President of the
United States of America


You can also see the Bible used during the inauguration, a replica of Washington’s Presidential desk and more. There’s no charge to enter Federal Hall to see the exhibit and it’s actually pretty interesting. So if you’re around this neighborhood, I recommend taking 10 minutes to go inside.


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