Go See the Titanosaur at the American Museum of Natural History


If you’re not a fan of dusty museums and someone wants to drag you to one, you should really insist on going to the American Museum of Natural History! I’d dare say that anyone will find it interesting to visit. My husband is practically allergic to museums and he even thought it was an interesting place to visit – or so he said.

Before you go, you have to realize that the museum is far too big for you to see everything! You might not even see more than just one exhibition in a day, so plan your visit before you go.

When we went, there was an incredible dinosaur exhibition (closed now) called Dinosaurs Among Us. The exhibitions change every now and then, but there’s one permanent exhibition that I think you should check out. You should go see The Titanosaur at the American Museum of Natural History.


This is the biggest dinosaur ever to be found (well, parts of it at least). It was added to the museum in 2016 and is a definitely MUST. The incredible cast of this dinosaur is 122 feet long and 19 feet tall and absolutely breathtaking.

Too bad, though, that it’s too big to fit into one photo!

The room where the Titanosaur is located is almost completely dark, except for a few spotlights. So, it’s really difficult to take photos and if I’m not mistaken – you’re not allowed to use flash photography. So, this is just one of those times where you’ll have to put away your camera and just experience it with your eyes.

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