TOP Indian Restaurant in NYC: Bhatti Indian Grill


In New York City there’s a neighborhood called Curry Hill and if you want Indian food, this is the place to go. One night we went to Bhatti Indian Grill on 100 Lexington Ave (27th St.). According to a Google search, this restaurant serves authentic North Indian cuisine including kebabs & regional specialties.

The restaurant is very small and only has maybe 10-12 tables, so you need to make a reservation or come early. We came just in time before other people started flowing in and the restaurant filled to the brim. The service is very friendly and the manager is especially attentive to all of the tables, ours included.

The menu is rather big and there’s a lot of strange sounding dishes on it. Luckily, my husband is goof at ordering Indian food. We quickly decide to order “a little bit of everything” just to try some different things.

Everything we order is delicious. Some dishes are more delicious than others, of course, but generally I like everything. I especially like the Tikka Masala (who doesn’t love this?) and the lamb is also good. Some of the dishes are very spicy, but most are spiced just right. There’s so much food that we can’t finish it all, but you definitely can’t say that we didn’t try.

If you don’t know Indian food, ask the waiter for a recommendation and make sure to tell him/her in case you can’t handle spicy food. Oh, and get the Naan bread too. It’s delicious.

In my opinion, Bhatti Indian Grill is definitely a top Indian restaurant in NYC!

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