What I Didn’t Like About The Lion King


I’ve been wanting to see The Lion King for the last couple of years and now the time had finally come! I love Broadway musicals and after hearing lots of amazing reviews and comments about The Lion King, my expectations were through the roof.

We have great seats – 6th row, center. I’m so excited, so thrilled, so awestruck… so disappointed.

Honestly (sadly), The Lion King wasn’t that great. What I didn’t like about The Lion King was the kid (Jordan Toure) who plays the part of young Simba because HE CAN’T SING! His performance feels so weird, so wrong. Maybe he has a cold? Maybe he just has an off day? I mean, it’s virtually impossible to get such a huge role in one of the biggest musicals on Broadway, if one can’t sing, right?

But tonight that seems to be happening. The best performances are given by Derek Smith, who plays the role of Scar, Cameron Pow, who plays Zazu and Tshidi Manye, who plays Rafiki. When young Simba grows up and is replaced by the adult Simba (played by Jelani Remy) we finally get a Simba who can sing. 

The costumes and stage sets are beautiful, that I must say. But all in all, I’m really not impressed by the musical. I had really high expectations after everything I’d read, heard and been told by others – but if someone asks me, I won’t recommend seeing it.

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