Where to Eat One of the TOP 10 Best Sandwiches in America: Little Havana


If you don’t speak Spanish, getting around Little Havana will probably be quite challenging as practically nobody speaks any English. Fortunately, I do speak Spanish but I would still say that Cuban-Spanish is tough to understand.

My visit to Little Havana was short and just included a quick visit to a souvenir shop and lunch at Exquisito Restaurant, located on the famous Calle 8. The menu was pretty elaborate and not really knowing much about Cuban food, I decided to go for the highlighted Media Noche sandwich (egg bread, roasted pork, ham, cheese, pickles & mustard), which was recommended by the restaurant and “Voted TOP 10 Best Sandwiches in America by Ask Men Magazine”.


It was actually really good. I ordered a side of Tostones (fried plantains) and expected to get a plate with the small, round plantains that I’m familiar with from the Dominican Republic. Instead, the waitress brought a plate with 3 huge plantains – each as big as my hand with my fingers spread out.


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