Your Life Is Your Choice

Your Life Is Your Choice -

The other day I heard about someone who works all the time. This person works non-stop, gets up at 4 am and comes home late, works on projects around the house on weekends and generally just pulls a lot of weight to make everything work in life.

But the hectic and stressful lifestyle has begun to set its marks on this person’s health. To start with, the blood pressure is now too high and who knows; maybe something else will come along shortly if this person doesn’t realize that something in life needs to change. It made me think how incredibly hard it can be for some people to hit the breaks and just STOP.

Stop everything and evaluate everything before moving forward again.

For some people, it’s practically impossible to cut back on e.g. work and responsibilities and just SLOW DOWN, because they want to do and have everything in this world – preferably tomorrow, if not today.

But what about quality of life?

Where’s the quality of life when we work 50-60-70 hours a week and don’t have time to sit down and enjoy time with our family/friends?

Where’s the quality of life when we constantly rush to make so much money to buy fancy things that we never have time to fully enjoy – because we’re always working?

Where’s the quality of life when we’re stressed all day and every day about the 10,000 things we need to do at work and after work so that we never have time to go for a walk/run in the park or go to the beach and just breathe, feel the sun in our face and the wind in our hair?

WHY are we so busy?

WHY do so many people have such a big need to work themselves to death so they can make a ton of money, buy a ton of stuff that they may not need and definitely don’t have time to use and enjoy?

I think we all need to hit the breaks a little and consider choosing a little less stress, work, money, cars, stuff, etc. and focus on having more time, energy, quality, joy and enjoyment. If we’re constantly working and constantly suffering physically and mentally from the pressure, we need to STOP.

In the end, there’s only one person who can do that for you and that’s YOU. Your life is your choice and you can choose to live it however you want to. Even if you have a family who depends on you and your efforts. Even if everything seems and feels completely impossible – your life is your choice. Big changes may always feel impossible until they’re done, but they are necessary at times.






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