Document Your Life #1 – First Day of the Rest of Your Life

Document Your Life #1

Document Your Life #1 (Aug. 23, 2017).

Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Did you ever hear that? I had a T-shirt with that quote when I was a teenager and wore it on my 1st day of school (after the summer break) in 7th grade. Well, today is the last day for me here in Denmark.

I’ve been spending some time here, mainly with my Dad but also visiting family, in-laws and friends. It’s been a little over 3 weeks and as always, they flew right by me.

Luckily, the weather today was amazing. So I went for one last run on the beach and decided to shoot a little video of my self (selfie-style) talking about my summer – just randomly for about 2-3 minutes. I’m usually NOT the type of person who does this, but in the spirit of this whole “document your life” project that I’ve embarked on, I thought why not?

So, I did it. I made two takes. I watched them a couple of times and decided that one was actually pretty good. So I uploaded it to my Facebook profile and waited for the response…all good. And from people that normally don’t respond to my updates. Sweet.

My run was just shy of 5K and the rest of the day I just spent around the house. I’m starting to do these Instagram stories on my Insta profile @toliveandtravel.

I had a pretty decent breakfast, lunch and for dinner I invited my dad out to a Chinese restaurant. We had their buffet and it was a nice evening out. I feel like Danes have become slightly obsessed with buffets. It’s practically all I’ve been eating at restaurants here. 

I packed throughout the entire day, answered work emails, watched a couple of Gary Vee vlogs and listened to a few podcasts. I spent about an hour in the hammock – relaxing in the sun, reading a couple of pages in a book called The Wellness Syndrome. Then I fell asleep and took a 20-25 min power nap.

Now it’s 9:45 PM and I’m about to go to bed. I’ll finish my cup of tea and I might mess around on my phone for a bit before I go to sleep.

Tomorrow, I’ll get up pretty early, finish packing and clean up a little. Anders is picking me up here at 8:30 am and then we’ll head to the airport.

It’s been a good day.

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