Document Your Life #2 – Goodbye Denmark

Docment Your Life

Document Your Life #2 (August 24, 2017).

Goodbyes or see you laters are a funny thing. So, I left Denmark today. Anders came and picked me up at 8:30 am at my dad’s house and as we were saying goodbye and see you and till next time…and posing for a few last minute photos, I felt the tears building up.

When we drove away, I cried.

I cried because it’s hard to say goodbye (even if it’s only temporary) and see you later to your family when you live on the other side of the globe – regardless of how small the world has become with the possibilities in travel and in staying connected through social media. We’re always there, even though we’re not really there.

We flew to London on British Airways, which took about and hour, landed at Heathrow and took a bus to Gatwick airport (25 Pounds per person and about a 1-hour ride). We’d booked a hotel room for the night at The Hampton by Hilton, at the airport’s North Terminal, which was super convenient. Small, but nice rooms, comfortable and with free wifi and breakfast.

We’d talked about going out in the evening, maybe to dinner but ended up just ordering a couple of pizzas from Domino’s that were delivered to the hotel. We got a few beverages from a M&S food store at the airport and just settled into the room, watched a few episodes of Suits and slept till morning.

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