Document Your Life #4 – Post Vacation Motivation

Today I’m starting the process of serious work – on all platforms.

I have so many ideas in my head that I want to execute – both in terms of my business and my health.

Business wise, I feel like I haven’t been doing nearly enough. I haven’t been putting the serious hours and work that it deserves and maybe I have been a little lazy. I don’t know. I’m just realizing that there’s more to do. That I can do more.

Health wise, I’m totally blown away at the amount of weight I’m constantly gaining and how hard it is to lose it again. I feel like I’ve been punched in the face and that’s not nice. So, there’s lots to do there too.

The truth is that the wellness diet that I went on at the beginning of this month didn’t really go as planned. It wasn’t as successful and I didn’t lose the amount of weight that I wanted. Which is okay. It leaves something for me to continue to work on.

I’m officially launching my own, personal Project 145 (#project145) which is a journey back to this weight that I was once at in my early 20s. A place that was really good for me.

Let’s GO.

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