Document Your Life #5 – Post Run Headache & Work

I went running this morning, well…I tried. I didn’t get out until about 7 am and by then it was already too HOT. So, despite hydrating throughout and taking it slow by walking most of the way – I STILL GOT A MASSIVE POST-RUN HEADACHE.

I was feeling super motivated today, though, and didn’t want to let that stop me. I actually ended up having a really productive day …for being a Sunday.

I did a ton of brainstorming on new content to produce for the “5 pillars” of our business, I.e PALMERA Travel, Villas & Fishing, Punta Cana Guide (in Danish) and IVI Club.

I also did a couple of posts for my personal blog right here and planted a few seeds on social media.

Somewhere around 5 pm the headache finally dwindled, thank God.

On the Project 145 side, I’m on my 2nd day of eating 1 pound of vegetables (I’m eating mostly plant based according to the Hormone Diet, which I’ll write more about elsewhere).

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