Document Your Life #9 – Hormone Reset Diet

Hurricane Irma
Photo from Weather Underground

Goodbye bananas!

I always thought bananas were healthy and good for you, but I’m finding out that maybe they’re not…really. I’ve gone sugar free as the next step in my Hormone Reset Diet and Project 145 and am researching what foods to eat according to the Glycemic Index & Glycemic Load “theory” (for the lack of a better word).

So, bananas are OUT as are a lot of other food and beverages.

Today, I sent an offer to a travel agent in the US who has clients that are interested in renting a villa. I really want this booking to go through!

Seems like I’m finally getting everything to fall in place for another travel agent’s visit next month that I’ve been coordinating with several hotels. I’m just missing a few last confirmations.

I tried boosting a post of our Palmera Villas Facebook page – just to try it out. Unfortunately, I think that Facebook has changed their algorithms so much that you (as a business) are almost forced to spend $$$ on ads and boosting posts for them to have any kind of effect. But I guess from their POV, it’s only fair and totally natural. They’re a business too that has to make $$$, pay rent, salaries to staff, dividends to shareholders, etc., etc.

I’m watching Hurricane Irma approaching the Caribbean – The Dominican Republic – Punta Cana! It’s a category 2 and turning into a category 4 (if predictions last)…so it will probably hit us pretty strong. Unless (I’m hoping & praying), it makes a sudden turn (preferably way north) and just stays somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean and maybe does a back flip or something.

Here’s hoping!


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