Document Your Life #10 – Hurricane Season 2017

I’ve been nervous since yesterday. Somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean, there’s a hurricane and it’s moving slowly but steadily towards the Caribbean.

They call her Irma. She’s already pretty powerful and looks to gain more strength as she comes closer towards us.

Life in he Caribbean is usually pretty laid back, but when hurricanes pass, it’s another story.

I was watching CNN and what happened in Texas after Hurricane Harvey, thinking “are we next”?

We sent out instructions to our team in order for them to start preparing the villas we manage and in order to do the best to Hurricane proof them.

We can’t do much. In reality, if we’re hit head on by a category 4 or 5 Hurricane, we might just pray to God that we’ll be alright.

Sometime in the afternoon Irma started turning north and losing strength (but only momentarily). I’m hoping she’ll keep turning so she won’t hit us. We’ll still get affected where we are, but then it won’t be as bad as taking her head on.

We talked about it in the office and told our team to consider leaving town – leaving the country and getting out of harms way. We won’t have any guests in our villas anyways, so that’s a big relief.

We’re already considering heading to New York and have a flight ticket on hold. I guess we’ll take the final decision in the next 24-48 hours.

Everything feels kind of doomsday-like right now. We’re just watching Irma online and waiting. Waiting for the worst, hoping for the best.

Photo from The Weather Channel app.

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