Document Your Life #11 – Hurricane Season

The latest image from The Weather Channel shows that Hurricane Irma will likely hit Punta Cana on Thursday afternoon as a category 4 storm.

This makes me nervous.

I’ve been here before, watching and waiting for a hurricane that ended up not hitting after all. But I think it’s the first time I’ve felt this nervous.

Maybe I feel more nervous because we now own properties here that we depend on for it’s our business and because all our eggs are in one basket.

I’ve seen what Hurricane Harvey did to Texas and what others have done in other places. I just want everything and everyone to be safe here – or to get away now before it’s too late.

This morning we made the decision to leave early next week. We booked a flight for New York, leaving Tuesday and coming back Sunday next week. Hopefully, we’ll be safe up there. And when we come back, we can do whatever we need to clean up, rebuild and repair what’s necessary.

But for now, we wait.

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