The Hormone Reset Diet

The Hormone Reset Diet

It’s just really annoying when you know you’ve written something, but you just can’t find it. I was 1000% sure that I already wrote about me starting this Hormone Reset Diet, but I can’t find it. I thought I’d posted it already, but I can’t find it.

Okay, so a week ago I started this diet (again). It’s from a book that I bought last year, which I really liked.

The Hormone Reset Diet is written by Sara Gottfried, M.D. and is (I guess) a diet book for women struggling with hormones that are out of order and therefore prevent them from losing weight and keeping it off.

Bla, bla, bla…I’ve heard it all before. What caught my eye when I bought the book was probably the title of the book and as I got into it, I really liked the initial DO of eating a pound of vegetables a day. By doing so, you turn your diet around so that plants become your main food source and you cut down on e.g. red meat, sugar and grains.

The diet is a 21-day reset of 7 hormones – estrogen, insulin, leptin, cortisol, thyroid, growth hormone and testosterone.

Every 3 days, you begin a new phase to reset a new hormone while you continue the past phases. So, as you progress…it gets harder since there are more things to avoid.

The phases are:

#1 Meatless to reset estrogen (no red meat and alcohol)

#2 Sugar free to reset insulin (no sugar, sweetener or foods with sugar in them)

#3 Fruitless to reset leptin (again, no sugar or foods and especially fruits with lots of sugar)

#4 Caffeine free to reset cortisol (no coffee, tea or beverages with caffeine)

#5 Grain free to reset thyroid (no food that contain flour, grains, wheat…)

#6 Dairy free to reset growth hormone (no dairy – milk, yoghurt, cheese, etc.)

#7 Toxin free to reset testosterone (avoid toxins such as parabens and phalates)

When the 21 days are DONE, you can start to re-enter foods in your diet again – if you want to. You should be able to feel if the foods then have a negative effect on your body. If so, I guess just leave them out entirely.

Today is Saturday, Sept. 2nd and I’m already a week in…and in the fruitless phase. I have to keep monitoring this more closely, because I kind of “forgot” what day it was and for instance “forgot” that I was already supposed to cut down of caffeine a few days ago (oops).

You’re supposed to exercise every day along with this diet (obviously), which I have been doing (I swear!). I’ve been following Shaun T’s Focus T25 workout diligently for the past week and it’s great. It’s by far my favorite workout program.

Week 1 of 3 is in the bag.

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