Document Your Life #12 – An Ordinary Day of Sorts

It was a strange day, sort of in limbo. I was watching Hurricane Irma like crazy. But although she remains far away, it’s still time to prepare. So I went around the house and picked up small, loose items to bring inside. I have to remove the things from our patio tomorrow. I was checking that I had our personal documents, etc.

I didn’t even leave the house. We watched a few episodes of Suits for lunch and I fell asleep on the couch.

I finished doing laundry in the afternoon and spent about 2 hours instagramming for two different accounts in order to build our following organically. I do see that putting in the work has an effect. Slowly, but surely.

I ate vegetables and Mahi Mahi fish for both lunch and dinner and it was amazing. I found that frying it in coconut oil and in soy sauce gave it a really good taste and texture. Not a single cup of coffee was consumed today as I enter into the next phase of the Hormone Reset Diet: Caffeine free (insert dramatic music here).

Sometime in the afternoon I got a massive headache that wouldn’t go away. Maybe it was part caffeine withdrawal (?), or due to the chemicals from when I dyed my hair in the morning (to cover all the gray hairs)…or maybe it was just the usual consequence of my period.

In either case, it wasn’t good and I went to bed with my head feeling like a ton of bricks.

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