Document Your Life #14 – Hurricane Irma

We made it to New York around 10 am. I’m so relieved we made the decision to leave Punta Cana when we did, but sitting here doesn’t make me feel any less worried.

We took a yellow cab to our hotel, checked in and went online immediately to check Hurricane Irma.

She’s now a category 5 hurricane. The worst of the worst.

Irma surged in strength on Tuesday to become the strongest Atlantic hurricane ever recorded north of the Caribbean and east of the Gulf of Mexico. As of 2 pm EDT Tuesday, Irma’s top sustained winds were an incredible 185 mph. The only hurricane anywhere in the Atlantic ever known to have stronger winds was Allen (1980), at 190 mph. From Weather Underground.

My fear is that she’ll tear up the entire Caribbean as she moves across the area. In the afternoon, hurricane warnings were issued for the Dominican Republic.

People in Florida have started to evacuate. I tried to urge people to do the same via our social media accounts, but someone wrote me that there are no more flights out of Punta Cana. It’s too late now.

I can’t deal with this. My brain can’t even fathom how strong winds of 185 mph are… but it’s bad, very bad for sure.

God help us all.

Images from Weather Underground.

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