Document Your Life #16 – Italian Restaurants in NYC

We woke up and Hurricane Irma had already passed Punta Cana and miraculously spared the area!

Our staff reported that they’d gotten some wind and rain, but nothing compared to what we were all fearing. The storm was very mild in Punta Cana, and we were all incredibly relieved that nothing really happened.

I feel like we dodged not just a bullet but a bomb. We were more than lucky. I am more than relieved that we were spared. This past week has undoubtedly been the most stressful week of my life…

Thank God we’re okay. All the people. All the properties. At least in Punta Cana.

We walked around the Lower East side of Manhattan today.

Went to get Anders’ MacBook fixed (screen needed to be replaced and they did it for free in a few hours).

Walked around Chinatown and Little Italy and Greenwich Village. I love these parts of the City.

We found a great little restaurant in Little Italy (Il Cortile) on Mulberry St., got a table on the sidewalk and had lunch and a bottle of wine to wash away the unease of the past week.

Afterwards, we walked some more…and then we walked some more. That’s what you end up doing a lot of in New York City.

Late in the afternoon, we stopped by another restaurant (Olio e Piú) on Greenwich Ave., in Greenwich Village that we saw last year and both thought was so beautiful. We got a table on the sidewalk and shared another bottle of wine and some food.

It was just the kind of day that required more than one.

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