Document Your Life #17 – NYC Great Northern Food Hall & Miss Saigon

Now that Hurricane Irma had passed by the Dominican Republic and left Punta Cana practically unharmed (thank you), we could finally breathe a little easier…and relax.

Just in time for the weekend, we could “sit back” and just enjoy the last few days in New York City.

We walked uptown and headed for Grand Central Station to find a little taste of our native Denmark at the Great Northern Food Hall by the Danish chef Claus Meyer. We were so excited to visit the place and had our hearts set on sinking our teeth into a delicious, real Danish hotdog… and a flødebolle (cream puff).

The place was, of course, packed and it looked great. We browsed around and saw the various food stations and the smørrebrød (open faced sandwiches), which looked delicious, although a bit expensive (US$ 7 – 8 per sandwich). In my opinion, these are not traditional smørrebrød like you’d see in Denmark. The bread is cut way too thick and there’s not enough on it. In Denmark, real quality smørrebrød is almost like an art form and the toppings are stacked much higher.

The hotdog place was someplace else (across the Vanderbilt Hall) so we went there.

They had different kinds of Danish Dogs that we could choose from. I went with a Great Dane (but without the raw onion and pickled cucumbers) and Anders decided to make his own.

The dogs were (also) US$ 7- 8 each and (unfortunately) so not worth it. Let me tell you – if you’re getting one of these, thinking you’re going to eat a real, traditional Danish hotdog exactly like the ones you’d be eating in Denmark, you’re not.

If anything, it was a testament to the fact that just because a fancy chef has come up with what I’m sure was meant to be a gourmet version of something ordinary and you add an expensive price tag on it – it doesn’t necessarily make it good.

We walked around aimlessly after that experience with a slight feeling on unease and a disappointment lurking at the bottom our our stomachs.

We made it all the way to Columbus Circle where we sat down on a bench, had a smoothie and a juice from a street vendor before we started walking back towards our hotel again and stopping by an Amish Market on the way.

In the evening Anders found a great Italian restaurant on 48th street (La Masseria) and we had a lovely dinner, sitting outside on the sidewalk where we could watch the people pass by. At one point, a black limo pulled up to the curb and we were excited to see who would come out of the car (thinking it might be a celebrity)… but it was nothing of that caliber. The passengers were 3 ladies in regular clothes (jeans, tops and sneakers) who weren’t even dressed up for the occasion.

We ended the day with Miss Saigon on Broadway, a fantastic play and performance by the cast. It was perhaps the perfect dramatic end to a dramatic day of many surprises.

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