Document Your Life #19 – Goodbye New York City

We got up around 5:45 am to get ready and head to JFK Airport. Our flight back to Punta Cana was around 9 am a non-stop flight with Jet Blue.

So, we took a taxi from the hotel and there was practically no traffic this early on a Sunday morning heading out of the city. The taxi driver was friendly and got us there in no time.

Check-in went fine.

We headed to the airport lounge, but we didn’t really like it and decided to have breakfast at a restaurant instead – knowing we wouldn’t get any food on the plane (flying coach). There was just one restaurant open and we had a very good breakfast burger (!) with egg, bacon and fries. Not bad…except for my diet (what diet?).

The flight went fine.

Actually, I was pleasantly surprised by the comfort and space on Jet Blue. And, of course, I loved that each seat had a screen in front and a selection of FREE movies, etc. I watched 27 Dresses and a few episodes of Mozart in the Jungle before I dozed off and woke up about 30 minutes before we landed.

Back in Punta Cana.

Back in the HEAT.

Back to normal.

Back to reality.

Back back to work.

Is it too soon to miss New York City?

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