Document Your Life #21 – Blowing My Diet & Starting Again

If you fail, try again…and try harder! I need to get back on this Hormone Reset Diet again.

My diet got completely blown out of the water when we left for New York. It wasn’t a surprise at all. In fact, I was prepared for it…expecting it. I gained a pound over the last week, which I though was pretty impressive. Usually, I gain 3-5 pounds when I’m traveling (even if it’s just a week), so I was very happy with the result.

When we went to New York, I ate and drank everything that I wasn’t supposed to according to this diet.

Oh well.

Here I go again… I gained 1 lb last week, so there’s that.

But on another note, I’m actually feeling pretty proud of myself for doing my Focus T25 workout at the hotel gym. Normally, I feel to embarrassed to do it and usually just use the treadmill and weights, but this time I didn’t care.

And you know what? Nobody cared. The other people who were working out at the gym didn’t (seem to) care.

They weren’t staring at me.

They weren’t laughing at me.

They were just busy doing their own workout to give a f* about what I was doing. And that was awesome. That’s what I like about New York – people aren’t scared to do their thing, mostly. Right?

I started the day with T25 Speed 1.0 workout on my terrace and it was HOT out. Well, mostly humid.

Breakfast smoothie. A little bread with crunchy peanut butter (because I can).

Coffee. Yes, coffee!

I was chatting with my friend from Denmark who went to Nepal and told me she just got a job as a personal trainer there. I was so happy and excited for her and hope (I know!) she’ll do well. This is such a wonderful break for her, and I’m just so happy for her.

I wore my new wedges to the office and worked there the whole day, updating the new golf rates for the winter season (which were just released) and sending them out to the IAGTO travel agents that work with the Dominican Republic.

A little Facebook. A little Instagram. This is work too!

Lunch. Ice tea (homemade with Stevia – I really should do that more often).

I left around 5 PM and went home.

We had chicken salad for dinner tonight.

Watched a few episodes of Suits (I really love that show).

And that was pretty much my day…

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