#25 – Blue Mall Punta Cana

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It’s Saturday. We’ve only been back in town for a week and I already feel like it’s been much longer.

Mr. A went to play golf, so I decided to head out in search of content for our company Facebook pages and blogs.

I still hadn’t seen the new Blue Mall that opened a month ago, so that’s where I went. I got there at around 10:40 am and was driving around the building, trying to figure out where the main entrance was. So, a security guard stopped me and she told me that the mall didn’t open until 11 am…AND THAT I WASN’T ALLOWED TO PARK AND WAIT TILL THEN.

Are you kidding me? Seriously? This is so typical Dominican Republic, it just blows me away. And what kind of a mall opens at 11?

So I went to a nearby coffee shop and got an ice latte while I waited. Ended up waiting an hour before going back to the mall.

It was nice. Big. A lot of stores were already open and a lot were still “coming soon”. I got a lot of decent video and photos that I can use.

I left around 1 pm, stopped at the supermarket on the way and was practically famished when I got home. I think it might be the heat that makes me always feel more hungry here. Because I usually don’t feel that in places (other countries) where the temperature is cooler. I had a salad.

I spent the rest of the afternoon uploading videos to my YouTube channel and trying to clear up my MacBook Air, which is starting to tell me that it’s running out of space.

Mr. A came back in the afternoon and brought K with him. They hung out.

Mr. A and I went and saw a 5-bedroom house with a pool in the neighborhood that the owner wants to rent to tourists through our company. The decor and furniture needed a little updating before we can work with it, but it’ll be super nice.

We ended the day having dinner at Applebee’s at Blue Mall. It was my first time eating at this restaurant. I like the ambiance and the appetizers were excellent. We ordered main course, which we shouldn’t have. Mr. A’s baby back ribs were burnt to a crisp, so he sent it back and didn’t want anything else. My half portion chicken Cesar salad didn’t come with chicken (!?!) and was drowning in dressing. So it was kind of a mixed experience.

P.S. There’s another hurricane (Maria) headed our way, which should pass us next week.

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