#29 – NYC High Line & Cats

Mr. A went to have lunch somewhere uptown, so I spent the day solo.

After a quick brunch at a Pret A Manger on 27th street right in front of the Fashion Institute of Technology (chicken salad w/ avocado, walnuts and cranberries and a large cafe latte), I walked over to the High Line entrance on 26th street & 10th avenue.

I walked down to the Hudson Yards where they’re still busy building several skyscrapers and suddenly realized that I was standing right in front of the building where Vaynermedia is located. This was kind of funny because I’ve been (slightly) obsessed with following Gary Vee on YouTube since August.

I walked back to 26th street and continued in the other direction until 14th street. The High Line is actually such a cool place – but somewhat crowded.

I got off on 14th street, which is apparently in the Meatpacking District, walked up to 6th avenue and back to 27th street, passing a few stores on the way on 18-19th street (Payless, Marshall’s and CVS pharmacy).

I got back to the hotel around 4 pm and Mr. A was back too.

We left again around 5:30 pm to go to the theater. Picked up tickets for Phantom of the Opera on the way and then went to see Cats. What a great musical… let the memory live again!

After the show, we walked around to find a place to have dinner and ended up at a big and beautiful restaurant (Thalia on 50th & 8th) where we had a nice, late night dinner and a bottle of rosé.

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