#30 – NYC San Genaro Feast & Jue Lan Club

Hurricane Maria had passed by Punta Cana during the night as a category 3 storm.

We spent the morning catching up and getting news from our team in Punta Cana. Even though this hurricane didn’t make a direct hit on Punta Cana, the effects were still worse than when hurricane Irma passed 2 weeks ago.

They told us that the wind and rain was much stronger this time.

After our properties and the area were assessed, we could conclude that once again we got lucky. Yes, there were some damages…but nothing in comparison to what we saw in e.g. Puerto Rico.

Several fallen and broken trees, knocked down street signs, fallen electricity posts… a lot of seaweed had washed ashore and everything was wet.

At our house, part of the mosquito screen had been blown off. Rain water had entered our master bedroom and the floor was a little wet (nothing serious, though). The garden had taken a beating, trees and palms were broken and it looked like a real mess.

There were minor damages in our other villas… broken trees and mosquito screens at Lake View Villa. Broken trees and windows at Villa Blanca. But that was all. The insurance should cover the costs of repair, and it shouldn’t take long to fix as it really was nothing.

Everyone was all right. No one from our team was hurt. Thank God.

We went for lunch in Little Italy and ran into the San Genaro Feast, so streets were closed and they’d put up a market with food stalls, shops, etc. The streets were packed with people. We ate at Il Cortile (again), walked around for a bit and took a cab back to our hotel.

In the late afternoon we took a much needed nap.

Around 8 pm we went out for dinner. Walked around in search of a restaurant and stopped by a few, but they were simply too crowded and too noisy.

We walked by Madison Square Eats by the Madison Square Park and the Flatiron Building.

After walking a bit more, Mr. A spotted some lights down a street as we were waiting in front of the old Limelight Church (it’s a gym and I’m pretty sure it was a nightclub that was in an episode of Sex & the City) for the green light to cross the street.

We walked down to take a look and discovered a wonderful, little restaurant with an outdoor courtyard and lights that looked amazing. It was a Chinese restaurant (Jue Lan Club on West 20th & 6th), and we decided to try it.

The ambiance, service and food were all very nice…and it was great to sit outside in a relatively quiet place. How people endure the noise level at some of these New York restaurants, is simply beyond me.

After dinner, we walked the 7 blocks back to our hotel…it was a nice evening out and about in the city that never sleeps

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