#32 – From Newark to Punta Cana on United Airlines

Flying back to the Dominican Republic

The alarms went off at 5 am and we got up to go back to Punta Cana. Our flight was at 8:42 am on United out of Newark Airport.

There was a taxi parked conveniently in front of our hotel, so we grabbed it and went uptown to pick up James at his hotel on 52nd street before we headed out of the city.

I swear there was just was much activity of the streets at this time of the day as any…well, maybe not quite as much, but the streets weren’t dead or quiet.

The ride to Newark cost us just around $85 or maybe $90.

We had breakfast at the airport at a restaurant where they had iPads on every table where you’d order and pay from. Actually, all of the restaurants and bars were using this system. Apart from ordering food, you could also play games and read news from e.g. The New York Times. Pretty neat.

Our flight departed on time and we basically slept the entire way to Punta Cana or for about 3 hours.

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