#34 – Counting Calories with the MyFitnessPal App

My Fitness Pal App

I’m back to counting again.

I mean, counting calories. After 2 or 3 (?) recently disrupted and recently failed attempts at the Hormone Reset Diet, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s just not right for me.

I know, I know. Counting calories is insanely hard and requires a lot of work and is a hassle when eating out, etc., etc., etc. – and it is. All of it. But, I’m realizing that failure may be due to lack of preparation. Taking a little time out once a week e.g. on Sundays to meal prep, which I love, will make eating through an entire week easier. Like a lot easier.

So, I’m doing this. I’m using the My Fitness Pal app to count and log calories and to keep track. I’ll “save” the calories that I burn during the weekdays when exercising to be used e.g. on weekends when I want to have a glass of wine (or two…or half a bottle!), eat out at a restaurant, or have dessert.

It actually shouldn’t be this hard to lose weight and get down to a normal and healthy weight. It should just be simple math – calories IN & calories OUT. Creating a deficit to lose weight and then reaching a point where to maintain.

I just can’t deal with diets that are restrictive, because I love eating everything. Except raw onions, radish, red meat / steak (I can eat it, but I don’t love it), potatoes (not my favorite either), gummi candy, liver, duck… maybe I’m forgetting something.

That’s what I realized I didn’t like about the Hormone Reset Diet – it was basically cutting out everything, one by one. I want to be able to eat everything that I like – just in small portions. I was able to do that last time I counted calories. I remember eating pasta several times a week and drinking a glass of wine every night with dinner and still losing weight by the end of the week.

Ahh, such pleasure…

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