#35 – Don’t Be Insensitive, Help Others & Care

Punta Cana getting back to normal after Hurricane Maria

Today, someone wrote on our Group Palmera Facebook page that we were being insensitive for posting photos of the beach and showing the world that Punta Cana survived Hurricane Maria and is getting back to normal life.

The person suggested that we instead aid in raising money for those that are not fine. What that person didn’t realize was that I’d posted two links on Sunday to articles with advise on how to help the hurricane affected islands / countries and people AND that we’d made a donation through Global Giving as well.

So, we wrote a little back and forth and in the end the “issue” was resolved when I posted another link to another website with charities/fundraiser/organizations. The person was satisfied and ended up thanking me for taking the comment seriously.

Of course.

I’m not an insensitive person, after all. And I don’t think that showing photos of how things are normalizing here is insensitive either, because (let’s face it) life goes on. I mean, are we supposed to put our lives, work and businesses on standby “just” because something bad/sad/tragic happens in the world? No, I don’t think so.

I get that the Caribbean and parts of the US have just been through hell. Of course, I do. I live here too, although I wasn’t actually here during both hurricanes. I left because I could. However, my life is here. My home is here. My business is here.

But life goes on.

We live through hell. We survive. We evaluate. We cry. We’re in shock. And then we help. And if we can’t be there ourselves to help physically, we help by donating whatever we can to the organizations available that have people who help on the ground.

But life goes on and it must.

Something tragic happens every day somewhere in the world and if we were to stop and dwell on it “forever” and put ourselves on hold, we’d never be able to do anything. Ever. At all.

So, although the person was partly right (that our posts could be viewed as being insensitive), the person was also partly wrong. In any case, it struck a nerve (obviously) and made me think about this issue of insensitivity and of helping others.

We should definitely communicate love more often – in our thoughts, prayers, words and actions. We should show compassion for those around us who are less fortunate than us in our everyday lives and not just when disaster strikes.

There are a lot of people suffering in the Caribbean and the US right now, because their homes have been wiped out by hurricanes. There were a lot of people already suffering in these places, because they were already less fortunate than others. Period.

That will probably never change. At least not now.

So, how can we help them?

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