#36 – Climate Change

I’ve been thinking about climate change – again. I wonder how much difference the little things you do in your every day life matter.

Like going meatless.

Turning off the water when you shampoo your hair in the shower.

Using bio-degradable plastic bags for your trash.

Washing your clothes in cold water.

Consuming less of everything.



I just read a few good articles, which got me thinking again that WE CAN DO MORE. All of us. Everyone of us.

It’s a fact: climate change made Hurricane Harvey more deadly

The Climate Catastrophe We’re All Ignoring

Richard Branson to Donald Trump: The Whole World Knows Climate Change is Real

“Eden Is Broken”: A Caribbean Leader Calls for Action on Climate Change


On another and more delightful note…we had another TEAM dinner tonight at Noah Restaurant to celebrate the fact that we all survived Hurricane Maria. I really enjoy these company dinners and I hope we can have many more – but without the hurricanes, please!

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