#40 – Losing 5 Pounds, Counting Calories & Meal Prepping

To Live and Travel

Sundays are great for prepping for the week ahead. I feel like this day can set the tone for the entire week ahead.

This day can make the week ahead easy or hard(er). I am talking about planning ahead – mostly when it comes to food (like meal prepping) but also with regards to tasks (your to do list).

This past week I’ve been counting calories, using the MyFitnessPal App and doing a daily Focus T25 workout in the morning. The result? ….I’ve lost 5 pounds. Ta-daaa! I knew it was going to work, because it did the last time I put in the work and got my s* together. So, now I’m super motivated to keep going because I’m seeing results. I didn’t go on a super crazy or restrictive diet (not like the Hormone Reset Diet that I tried and failed at). No, I just planned out my meals, counted the calories and ate…a lot.

I’ve eaten all the things I like in the past week: Vegetables, meat, beans, Farro, pasta, bread, eggs, peanut butter, oatmeal, fruits, sushi, chocolate, coffee, tea, etc., and I’ve had wine. By the end of today, I’ll have had a bottle of wine this week – except for the one glass that my husband drank.

It’s simple math. Calories IN – calories OUT.

Today, I spent some hours prepping my meals for next week. I’ve prepared 5x breakfasts and 5x lunches. For dinner, I’ll be a bit more flexible and just play it by ear. Obviously, still being mindful of what I eat and tracking the calories.

Simplicity is KEY here. I made a list in Excel of all the foods that I like to eat, measured in cups or ounces and with the calories for each. Then I simply pick 3-6 items to put together for a meal and add up the total calories accordingly, making sure I don’t exceed 1550 calories for the day which is what the app tells me I can have. My total (net) calorie budget will be higher, because I’ll burn about 250 calories by working out.

And then I’ll eat the same thing for breakfast and lunch every day. It’s actually not that bad or boring…when you think about it, we (humans) basically eat the same things regularly anyways. But obviously, my meals this week will be different than my meals last week. Therein lies the variation.

Next week’s meals will be:

Breakfast: Overnight oats (1/2 cup) with chia seeds (1 tbsp), mixed berries (1 cup), Stevia (1 tbsp) and milk (200 ml)… and also 1 hard boiled egg on the side. 422 calories. I’ll add the wet ingredients in the evening to leave everything to soak overnight in the fridge and next morning it’ll be so, so delicious.

Meal prep | To Live and Travel
3 of the 5 jars prepared. Just missing to add the “wet” ingredients and to boil a few more eggs.

Lunch: Vegetarian “stir fry” with pinto beans (1/2 cup), red peppers (1 cup), peas (1/2 cup), brown rice (1/2/ cup), tomato (1 cup), green beans (1/2 cup) and 1/2 tsp coconut oil to fry. 417 calories. The only thing I have to do in the morning is fry everything on a pan, (about 5 minutes) and pack it up in a container to take to the office.

I’ll also make tea or a latte the night before to leave overnight in the fridge, so I’ll have cold/ice tea or coffee as an afternoon treat the next day.

Just missing to add the brown rice, which is cooking as I write.

For dinner I could do a chicken salad with lettuce, grilled chicken, bacon bits, cashews, croutons and parmesan cheese (450 calories) or maybe spaghetti bolognese (485 calories) … or something else. Maybe noodles with vegetables and chicken.

Meal prep | To Live and Travel

What I’ve learned this week is that it’s actually hard (yes, hard) to eat all the calories and I’ve fallen short every day this week so that I’ve basically saved about 1500 calories, which I could consume over the weekend – and still lose weight. Sweet.

I’m hoping next week will be as great as this week was.

We went to the movies tonight and watched the new movie with Tom Cruise American Made. It was pretty good – not super great. But for a guy who’s 55 years old, Tom Cruise sure does look great. He’s still as handsome as ever!

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