#41 – Time is Key & Speed is Everything

A new week. A new month. New goals…

I’ve decided to become a monster! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!! I’ve decided that for the entire month of October 2017, I’ll work like a monster, get to the office at 8 am and be the first one IN and the last one OUT. Okay, maybe not the first one IN since I can’t compete with my accountant who’s usually in the office around 7:30 am and leaves at 3:30 pm…

Why? Because I often feel like I’m not getting the work done that I want to in a single day. Why? Because I’ve slipped into the abyss that swallows time and become like most people here…someone who’s always late, someone who wastes time. And I can’t stand that.

I mean, it’s not that I have to be at the office at any specific time or leave at any specific time. It’s not even that I have to work there. That’s one of the beauties of being your own boss – you get to decide.

But I’m the kind of person who thrives on structure and organization.

I’m the kind of person who grew up in a country where time is everything. Where every minute counts, where you show up on time no matter what, call ahead if you’re going to be late and apologize if you’re late. A country where being late is an embarrassment. A country where time is of the essence, clocks and watches are everywhere, things are scheduled and everyone just gets that and respects that.

I grew up in a country where 9 am was 9 am on the dot…unless you were at University where everyone had the magic 15- minute buffer also known as the academic quarter. If you showed up within these 15 minutes, you were technically not late even though your schedule was at 9 am.

…at least that’s how it was when I was growing up.

Only very few people here live like that. Everything here is opposite and people even expect everyone else to be late for appointments, meetings, work. It’s just so normal that when you do encounter people who are on time – well, it’s just mind-blowing. Only very few people here will call ahead if they know they’re late and almost nobody will apologize for being late. Most people will just show up and be completely casual, without apologizing or even explaining.

Most people here live by the magic buffer “si Dios quiere”. I hate that mentality. It’s not that I hate God…I don’t! I just hate the mentality that uses the phrase as an excuse. Second only to “lo que pasa es que…”, it’s the thing I hate most in this place.

So, if you were raised in a Western culture like me and you’re able to rise above it and remember where you came from and how time was of the essence and speed was key…then you can do so much here.

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