#42 – Car Trouble & Dinner at Cap Cana

So, this happened. On Saturday, I went to the supermarket and it had rained a lot so the street in front was completely flooded and I had to go through the water in my little car.

It went totally fine, but afterwards there was this strange sound. I honestly thought it was just a little water that had gotten in and needed to get out or dry out. But then Mr. A drove behind me on our way home from the office yesterday and he noticed that I had this thing dragging underneath my car.

So in the morning I went to get it fixed. But of course they didn’t have the spare part available, so they had to order it. When I asked about when they would get it, he said that it would probably, most likely arrive with the truck coming down from the capital this week… But it might also be next week… But most likely it would be this week.

They reply was so typical Dominican. I just feel like he was missing to throw in the words si Dios quiere to make it complete!

Tonight we went to dinner at the Fishing Lodge in Cap Cana and saw that they’d opened several new (and beautiful) restaurants…that we have to come back and try. There was a sushi place with an incredible rooftop terrace, an Italian restaurant with the craziest and most amazing decor, a very chic wine & tapas bar, a cigar lounge and a gorgeous white restaurant over-looking the marina.

The only thing missing were people! The place was almost completely empty, sadly. We picked the Italian restaurant and it was great. The service was super and friendly. The food was really good – except for the pizza which was good, but not great. I like the pizzas much better at Venezia in Bavaro.

We had starters. We had bread. We had wine…and it was almost completely impossible to count calories. Luckily, I had some left over from yesterday and I’ll go under budget the next few days anyways, so the score will even itself out during the week.

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