#43 – Having an Off Day

I don’t know what happened, but I woke up with the worst headache ever and it completely ruined the morning…and the day!

I didn’t even have that much wine yesterday, but maybe it was the tiny sip of limoncello I had after dinner that gave me the headache. I don’t know. Or maybe it was just the combination of alcohol and the fact that I’m at the end of my period. At least, that was Anders’ theory.

So, I was schlepping through the entire day, feeling tired and unable to do much. I still went to the office (got in late, though), but I fell behind on my work throughout the day and when I came home in the afternoon…I slept. I took a nap, woke up around 7 pm, had dinner, watched TV on the couch, went to bed and slept again.

I hate days like these. I have them ever so often and they are by far the worst. Tomorrow, my brain will probably feel like it’s been fried even though the headache will (hopefully) be gone.

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