#45 – A Site Inspection at Melia Caribe Tropical Resort

I met with a travel agent from Europe who is one of our partners i.e. his company books hotel, golf and airport transfers through my company for their clients that want to travel to Punta Cana.

I joined him for a site inspection at the Melia Caribe Tropical all-inclusive resort, which we work a lot with. It was nice meeting him (I hadn’t met him before) and also nice to revisit the resort. We spent almost 2 hours together before he went one way and I went to the office – back to work.

When I came home, Mr. A had brought home a lot bread from the supermarket and I helped him meal prep a bunch of ham & cheese sandwiches to keep in the freezer. So whenever he needs a quick and easy lunch, he can just grab a few and add tomato before popping them in a sandwich toaster. Great stuff.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t stop snacking while I was making the sandwiches and when we had dinner just after…I wasn’t hungry and left about half of my dinner sitting on the plate. Oh well. You win some – you lose some.

Around 10 pm, our chef who works in one of our villas texted me and asked if we wanted chocolate fondant? Oh yes, we did. So he brought over two for us and we had dessert (in bed) just before going to bed. Hmm….totally blew my calorie budget for the day, so I’ll have to make up for it later. It’s amazing how quickly it goes…

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