#46 – Visiting Casa de Campo

Mr. A and I went to Casa de Campo this morning to go look at a yacht that he’s rented to a client. It was absolutely gorgeous.

And luckily, the sun was out and the yacht was parked almost by itself, so we could get some great photos of it. We saw it from outside and inside and also met with the captain and the mate. Really nice people.

Afterwards, we went and saw an amazing 6-bedroom villa with pool & Jacuzzi and a huge garden. The owner had contacted Mr. A and asked if we could work with the villa and include it in our vacation rental program. I really liked it, so I’m looking forward to working with it and hoping we can sign the agreement.

We ended up going back to the marina to have lunch at a fancy restaurant called SBG. Anders loves the lobster mac & cheese, so that’s what he got. I had the Cajun salad with beef and also tried one salmon nigiri.

My food was delicious. Mr. A liked his food too but thought they’d changed the recipe as it tasted different than before (he’s had it on many occasions). He made a comment about it to the waiter and before we knew it, the head water came over to hear the comment…and then the chef came over to talk too. Wow. We were laughing about it, because he didn’t complain about the food at all. He just asked if the chef was new because the dish was a little different.

But everyone were really nice and we all had a good laugh and they appreciated the comment (they said).

P.S. I just found out that my iPhone has a few new photo filters, which I really like…! The photos I took today turned out great. They’re definitely a lot better than usual.

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