#47 – Sunday Thoughts

It’s Sunday but I had so much work to do that I (unfortunately) couldn’t take the day off. That’s okay.

It’s part of life when owning your own business AND working in tourism where the workday isn’t confined to Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm.

I managed to do 2x T25 workouts in the morning (nearly killed me!), upload hotel rates, send out vacation offers, do laundry, make s quick run to the supermarket, meal prep my lunches for the week ahead, go see a villa that we might start working with as a vacation rental, upload excursions to one of our websites, make dinner, have dinner and crash out on the couch…!

Food-wise, I’m actually happy this week is over, because I wasn’t too happy about my meals for this week. I’m not used to eating a lot of sweet food, and this week I feel like I was eating so much sweet food daily for breakfast (sweetened with Stevia). And I wasn’t too crazy about my lunches either. I don’t like the brown rice that I was using, but I used the last of it so it’s out of the way.

I watched Gary Vee again and got super motivated…again…to do more and work more. It was just a short video made up of clips from other videos where he was taking about DREAMS and how your should take action to make your dreams come true:

Don’t justify your dreams.

Execute them.

I think, he’s right.

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