#48 – The Practicality of Counting Calories

I don’t know if I’m doing things right. Last week, I was so sure. I was so convinced that weight loss was “just a simple” equation of calories IN and calories OUT. Well, today I’m not so sure. I’ve basically been eating under my calorie budget for the entire week, minus a few days but the deficit from other days evened it out in the end. And this morning, I’d gained 2 pounds from last week. So, what do you make of that?

Is it because I ate more carbs during my second week of counting calories compared to the first week? But if so, then a calorie isn’t just a calorie…?

Another thing that I’ve been thinking about is the practicality of it all. I think, counting calories is a great way to become aware of how healthy a certain type of food is. It’s a great way to figure out portion sizes and it works great when you’re cooking and eating at home. But it’s not a very practical way to live your life. It’s a method that can easily get disrupted, because as soon as you eat outside of your home, it’s impossible to keep track.

Where I live, there are no (?) restaurants that list the amount of calories on their menu. At least not that I know of. Maybe Subway, but I don’t eat there. So, if I eat out (which I’ll do sometimes) I have no idea of how many calories are in a meal. I can probably guess, but in the end it’s just that – a guess.

So, in the long run it’s just not a practical way to live your life. I’ve probably known that from the start, but I’m much more ready to throw in the towel because I gained weight over the last week instead of losing more. Also because I’m thinking ahead to later this month when some friends & business partners are coming to town and I know we’ll end up having dinner with them a few times (a week). And I’m thinking ahead to the next time I’ll be traveling and eating out every day.

Right now I don’t know what to do. I want to keep going, but (as I said) it’s just not practical in the long run.

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