#49 – Life Is A Marathon

I feel like I’ve been working really hard these last (almost) 2 weeks. I’ve been working a lot harder than usual and today it was finally starting to get to me.

I left the house feeling slightly stressed about all the things that I feel like I’m behind on and when I came to the office…I just couldn’t. Sure, I worked and got a lot done, but I just took it easy because I honestly felt tired.

And that’s okay too. Some days you can go full steam ahead. Other days you have to take it slow.

What I really have to remind myself today (and every day) is that:

  2. I CAN’T DO EVERYTHING IN ONE DAY (Rome wasn’t built in one day, as they say).

What I like to say to myself when I’m feeling stressed about something (things that are really small and insignificant in the larger scheme of things), is that this is not a matter of life or death. It’s not like I’m a doctor and I have a patient on the operating table who might actually, literally die if I don’t do my job right here, right now. You know what I mean? My job isn’t that important. My work, and whether I do it today or tomorrow,  isn’t that urgent. If I have a client staying in a villa and their transportation is delayed or doesn’t show up, we’ll fix it (of course)…but it’s not a matter of life or death if things somehow get screwed up and we fail. Sure, it’ll cost money and maybe the client will get upset…but it won’t cost lives.

For me, that takes everything down a notch and sometimes you have to do that.

Sometimes you just have to breathe.


RANDOM things that happened today include:

  1. There was a small dog walking on the street in front of you my house this morning – loose and on it’s own. It was almost hit by 1-2 cars.
  2. We got 2 boxes of Belgian chocolate from one of our team members who just came back from Europe.
  3. We went to the movies and had dinner first at an Italian restaurant which also serves sushi (the food wasn’t great)…but the movie was cancelled due to technical issues.
  4. Our chef brought us chocolate fondant just before bedtime, so we ate that. It was amazing.

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