Execute Your Dreams

I think there’s tremendous value, motivation and inspiration in what this guy (Gary Vee) says and how he says it.

It all comes down to work and especially to being pro-active. “Just do it” was the perfect way to say it. Nothing will happen if you don’t work. Dreams don’t come true if you don’t work.

Progress doesn’t happen if you don’t work.

You won’t get that job, those new pair of shoes, that trip to where ever or that new car if you don’t work.

If you don’t put in the work, your life will be like waiting to win the lottery. Your dreams won’t come true unless you hit the lottery…and how often does that happen compared to what you can do/get/win if you work?

Yes, you’ll fail sometimes. You’ll fail many times, and that’s the point too. Because then you can re-evaluate, pick up again and go at it with even more energy, strength, motivation and clarity knowing exactly what didn’t work.

Failure is key.

Nobody who is successful today has gotten there without failure or struggle or going through hard times. But if you keep at it, you’ll come out “on the other side” where things are better.

The one constant thing, though, is the work and the things you do today, tomorrow and always.

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