#50 – Work, Work, Work!

What a busy day at the office! We’re working on a new website for our company and spent quite some time this morning discussing layout. I know it’ll be really great, and I can’t wait to get my hands on it and start working on it.

Now is also the time to push out “new products” and hustle to get ready for the coming tourist high season, which begins in November.

I was able to finish 6 villa & gold packages that I’d been working on for some time now. It felt really good to be able to get those out to our travel agent partners. I need to spend some time promoting them and making sure our partners understand them as well as the value of selling villa accommodation vs hotel accommodation.

The work is (always) there. The work continues. This is one thing you really learn when you’re working for yourself as a business owner – you have to constantly be pro-active. You have to be creative and always look for (new) ways to create more business. People will rarely come to you. No, you have to create an awareness around yourself, your business and your product/service and come to them. You have to let them know that what your offering is the best thing in the world and hopefully they’ll buy that and do business with you.

But it starts with you.

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