#51 – Does Your Work Matter?

Lake View Villa Review VRBO

The best way to know that you’re doing something right and that your work has values is to have someone tell you so – privately or publicly.

I think it’s something that everyone thinks about from time to time: Does it matter? Do I matter? Does my work matter and make a difference?

It should and it most likely does.

So, I work in the travel industry. I have a company, a tour operator, that offers services in Punta Cana to tourists. Those services include vacation rentals, airport transfers, excursions, golf, etc. Our core is the vacation rentals where we have some 30 villas that we manage on behalf of their owners (some of them we own) and rent to tourists from all over the world – mostly Americans. Once somebody books a vacation rental with us, we start working with them and offering them a complete package with all of the services they might need and want, incl. grocery shopping and all of the above that I just mentioned.

It works because 1) we’re able to offer a unique product and 2) we offer SERVICE. That’s really the key in our business (and in any business). You can have the greatest product in the world but if you don’t offer the greatest service to your customers, it’s not going to work.

How do you know that you’re giving great service? Again, when people tell you so (privately or publicly)…AND especially when they come back for more and become repeat customers.

Today, we just got a glowing review from one of our villa guests who has stayed in one of our villas several times. The review was submitted publicly on the vacation rental website VRBO and it’s just one of those things that really warms my heart, knowing that my entire team is doing it right and that our work matters.

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