#58 – Chef’s Table

Shrimp & chicken kebab

I love food. And I consider myself lucky that A) I always have food to eat and B) I have the opportunity to eat great food.

Like tonight. Tonight my husband and I went to Lake View Villa, an 8-bedroom villa that we own (together with 2 partners) and manage as a vacation rental. We have an amazing (!) French chef who works for us exclusively in that villa and, boy, can he cook!

I don’t often eat like this, but when I do…it’s definitely a treat. It’s definitely something that I cherish because I know that most people don’t get this opportunity.

Not only is Chef Beltran an incredible chef, he’s also an artist. I’ve never seen anyone plate food like he does.

So last night, we joined one of our partners and co-owner of Lake View Villa and his family & friends for an unforgettable 6-course tasting dinner.

Burrata, tomatoes, basil foam and truffle caviar

Slow cooked egg on burger bun with asparagus, foam and baked parmesan cheese

Tuna, vegetable spirals and pumpkin pure

Churrasco, fried potatoes with bacon and tostones

Ice cream, chocolate fondant, pineapple, choco mousse cube and mango cream

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